Tuesday Night Intro lesson 7-7:30pm

​OlySwing Dance offers swing dance lessons every Tuesday night at The Olympia Eagles Ballroom. Over the years, OlySwing's Introductory Lesson, from 7-7:30pm, has taught thousands of people to dance for their very first time. Our experienced teachers, helpful staff, and wonderful dance community create a relaxed and comfortable environment for folks to get started. No partner is need. ​Come alone or with a group.

OlySwing has taught a lot of people to dance. A lot. We teach East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, Shim Sham and other swing, jazz, and blues inspired dances. We offer two lesson every Tuesday at 6pm and 7pm at the Olympia Eagles Ballroom. No Partner is ever required unless specified (almost never happens). At OlySwing we recognize how music and dancing bring our community together.
You are invited to come dancing.​

Private Lessons
Private lessons start at $60/hour for up to 2 people. $120/hour for small groups under 10. 

Location and travel may be an additional cost to student. 

We would love to be part of your special event! 
Prices start at:

 $150 - Beginning Lesson Only

  $250 - Begging Lesson + 1 hour DJ set 

 $450 - Begging Lesson + 3 hour DJ set

 $500 - Beginning Lesson, 3 hour DJ set + Pre-Wedding Private Dance Lesson.

 Additional charges may be added depending on location and equipment needs. ​

Tuesday Night Series Classes 6-7pm

Classes offered Tuesdays nights from 6-7pm start at $15 for drop in and include the Intro Lesson and the Dance Practice. Multiple week packages can be purchased for a discount ($10 per) when buying 3 or more. Prices may fluctuate for special classes & guest instructors. Different level classes will rotate. If you are unsure about level please talk to the staff or send an email to olyswing@gmail.com